• Experience the benefits of receiving personalized attention, immediate feedback, all your questions answered and your needs met.
  • Receive instructions designed for your specific needs to nurture, strengthen and revive your body.
  • Learn new postures step by step. 
  • Discover your Self in your practice.
  • Explore breathing techniques, purification and deep healing relaxation.
  • Perfect for Beginners who want to try yoga without being intimidated or overwhelmed.
  • Great for advanced students ready to take it to the next level. 

All private yoga sessions are tailored to fit your individual needs, level, ability and goals. Most classes will begin with meditation and centering, then move into asanas (postures) and breathing exercises, then finish with Savasana (Relaxation), where you lie on your mat and relax.  Each class will include plenty of hands on adjustments which will help you progress faster than you would in a regular group class.

Private yoga sessions can be held at your home, office or other location that would be suitable.  The location you choose should be clean, quiet and free from distractions. Contact Melissa to find out how to schedule a private session.