Yoga in the workplace can greatly improve the productivity, engagement and creative output of employees by reducing the physical and mental stresses of the corporate environment. Help your employees by offering a yoga class as a health and wellness benefit. It is easy to set-up, inexpensive and highly effective. A lunchtime yoga class can proactively beat that mid-afternoon slump!

Here are just a few benefits of yoga in the workplace:

  • Heightened morale, job satisfaction and overall office dynamics
  • Reduced health care cost and employee absenteeism 
  • Prevent and even help relieve symptoms of common workplace health problems, such as fatigue, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain and lower back ache
  • Find peace and serenity, even in the busy workplace

Classes can be done in chairs, around a table or standing without mats. Each session will be tailored to fit your individual needs, level, ability and goals, making it suitable for anyone, even absolute beginners. 

Participants are encouraged to wear yoga clothing, but are also welcome to wear their regular workplace clothing. Yoga mats are not necessary and can be provided if needed.

If you feel your office could use a yoga class, please fill out this short questionnaire, or simply contact Melissa to find out more information.